I love mixing styles, incorporating older things that have meaning in your life with new colors, fabrics & furniture.

About Shiree'

SINCE 1999

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As a woman who's experienced many of life's challenges like the loss of a spouse, depression and osteoarthritis, what got me through was taking excellent care of myself and healing downtime in my beautiful home and garden.

When your home is unattractive and inefficient and doesn't support your lifestyle it can be a huge energy drain in your life.

Whether making over one room using the things you have or remodeling the whole house, take the first step with my free download "The Wellness Home"; one of my Holistic Home Virtual Design Packages; or a Wellness Kitchen Design Package.

I'm Shiree,

And I understand the role your home plays in your health & wellbeing.


My rescue pup absconds the best chairs and lap blankets. Is blind and deaf. Eats two human meals a day and snacks.  He's my constant companion, even as I write this paragraph! 

My cocker spaniel, Riley

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Eating a plant based, mostly raw diet has been a game changer in my life with osteopenia and osteoarthritis. It keeps me off dangerous pain killers and bone builders and manages my inflammation. Plus my own salad combo's taste really good!


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Yep. I'm a self development junkie. I'm crazy for anything business & personal development, nutrition and exercise.
INFJ. Enneagram 9 with a 1 wing. 

Self Development

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Okay, I've had gardeners for 24 years but truth is, you can't have a really beautiful garden if you don't work in it too. My garden favorites are Limelight hydrangeas and Little Ollie olives.

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After bringing back to life two of my own 1930's homes, and helping numerous clients with vintage homes do the same, I'm hooked. There is simply nothing else like old wood and fully mature landscaping.

Old Homes

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a few favorites...


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