Updating Your Style at Home

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For the past several months I have been busy working on my branding, marketing, and pr plans with LTD by Nada Jones. Nada is a marketing guru and co-author of Sixteen Weeks to Your Dream Business. LTD, by the way, means Live the Dream. 

She pointed out that my website needed updating so we’ve been working like mad with my brother SF photographer Robert Watts and web guy Joshua Voelkert to make it happen. In doing so I discovered my design philosophy (how I approach each project aesthetically) needs tweaking.

My design concepts always start with the client’s own style preferences and architecture of their home but somewhere along the way my opinions meld with theirs and something special occurs. Out of combined opinions come spaces that are unique to the clients. To
update the Shiree Segerstrom Interior
Design project right (from 2003 I think) I would remove the topiary from the coffee table, I would make the room less pretty, and add some contemporary accessories.  
For this project I used a lot of silk.  The curtains in dining room, living room (above), and master bedroom (at left) required about 100 yards of silk ticking.  We did custom pillows, buttery colored custom area rugs, and custom upholstery.  This client purchased several of her accessories from my store
SS Home. One of the chairs was an heirloom from my client’s mom that we covered in a golden yellow bee print silk. I think they are called balloon chairs. All the iron hardware is custom.  It’s expensive but it’s a lifetime investment.  My house still has the same iron hardware from 1931.
The last two updates would be the window seat pillows (not shown). I would do quirky, less pretty pillows maybe in some antique fabrics or quilted pillows. And a more interesting cocktail table, either an antique tea table or a low slung ceremony table like you see in Oriental style homes with the wide legs and lacquered finishes.
For my own house update I’m dreaming of a new cocktail table too. I’m thinking of black wicker with a lower shelf. I know my living room needs a solid, heavy table to anchor the main seating area but black wicker would look really fresh. I don’t normally use glass coffee tables in my projects but never say never.

Glass cocktail tables are one of my pet peeves.  I like them to be smart and interesting, not cookie cutter.

Some of the decorating styles that are really hot right now are bohemian, Moroccan, modern/retro, and Hollywood glam/regency. I’m still seeing a lot of modern lamps and loving them.  Check out Jamie Young for the hottest styles in lamps. Mercury glass is still really fresh looking too. They’re easy to integrate into most home styles and instantly freshen up your look. Animal rugs and prints are also great and easy to integrate. Suzani quilts are fun. Moroccan accessories are really hot and go well with several styles as long as they can take center stage. Modern works well with Moroccan, and some types of traditional.  Check out Martyn Lawrence Bullard Moroccan style. He has the style down pat. 
To update this chair above I would paint the frame a fun color (a scary thought for many clients and requires a little arm twisting!) and maybe a contrasting solid color or print. 

April 13, 2010

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Updating Your Style at Home

Updating Your Style at Home

Updating Your Style at Home