Website Excitement!

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Many thanks to those who participated in Design Dilemmas Q & A.  I heard back from some of them and as I suspected, I didn’t fully answer their questions in yesterday’s blog entry. After a few emails, I think they were satisfied that their questions had been answered. Thank you for your patience while I improve my writing skills.

I have been remodeling my old website and portfolio with the help of my photographer/brother Robert Watts and website guy Joshua Voelkert. After months of improvements the site is looking fantastic. Robert and Joshua have been trying to get the huge picture files onto the site. When those pictures are posted the site will finally be done. Click on this link and see. 

At the far right end of the toolbar on the new site are two of my favorite items. I enjoyed putting these very special services together with the help of LTD by Nada Jones . They are designed for people who want to “dip their toe” before committing to full service interior design.

Nada also helped me with branding (making sure my message and pricing are clear with my potential customers); my collateral materials (brochures, mailers, etc); my media releases; and my written articles. She is incredibly savvy about my industry standards and reminded me it was time to get professional photography again …how could I not see that myself? Hmm.
Tomorrow I venture over to beautiful San Francisco for a book signing for Michele Keith.  Her new book Designers Here and There is just out and she will be signing them at Sarlo Antiques at 295 Kansas. I met Michele on Face Book and she asked if I would like to attend. It coincided perfectly with taking Nana to SF to meet Ann who will be putting her on a plane to San Diego. After the book signing I will have coffee with said brother/photographer. Then I visit a favorite client in Los Gatos to do one of my unbeatable Home Makeovers (it’s my mom, lol). The price of my service? Dinner and a glass of wine. Please let there be sun. I really want to wear open toe heels.

April 20, 2010

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Website Excitement!

Website Excitement!

Website Excitement!