The CASA Tables: They are all winners!

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Saturday, May 22 was our Friends of Placer CASA Ladies Tea and Table Setting fundraiser and it went off without a hitch. There were over one hundred guests in the Granite Bay, California garden of my friend, fellow Friends of CASA volunteer, and sometime client Wendy Thomas.  Her house and garden are so pretty, it was the perfect setting and we were relieved it didn’t rain as forecasted. The Chinoiserie themed table above was done by me. You can read about assembling the table and where I purchased the decorations on my last blog post, just before this one. The fortune cookies had “fortune” necklaces inside with engraved…fortunes. These necklaces were gifts to my guests and came from my design store S.S.Home.

 Thank you Face Book friend Beth Bloom, sister Michelle and baby Ruby, and Mom for coming and being guests at my table! My other three guests had to cancel at the last minute. We missed not seeing you! This table had the prettiest centerpiece and I love the napkins.
The tea set on this table was gorgeous. You can only see a glimpse of the tea cup unfortunately, but the pot is in the upper left portion of the picture. The young lady attending this table was sweet and helpful.
This table had a bee theme. The place card holders were skeps and the napkin rings had little floral supply bees tied to them. There were salt cellars, what a nice touch, and a daisy centerpiece topped with a crown (look closely) in reference to the Queen Bee I presume!  Daisies were so perfect on this table.
This table is “vedy” British. Fresh flowers and ferns, old fashioned tea cups and a feminine color scheme of lavender and pale green. The tulle adds another feminine element. Really pretty. Charlene my expat friend will approve.

Cut crystal, fine china, and a Battenburg tablecloth I think? I can never remember the name of these flowers. Is it Ixia? If you look closely, you’ll see the center piece vase has a built-in matching “frog”. These make flower arranging so easy. A simple, charming table.
A tea party within a tea party. She painted the roses red (not really). On the back of each chair were cast characters March Hare, the Tweedle brothers, etc. Humor is a strong design theme in table setting.
Festive looking friends of CASA. Diane Williams in the center.
The table above is quintessential country. That pattern is from the forties I think, Desert Rose?
Very sweet.
My sister Michelle and 20 month old Ruby Sabine Killian came from Napa to attend. Ruby found the stage and did some performances for us. She is a happy little girl.
Pretty fluted vases with peach colored roses.
The Friends of CASA are all fantastic bakers, and I’m not just saying that. Everything was to die for. I couldn’t try everything but I did have some of the Meyer lemon bars (I didn’t make these), the quiche, the tea sandwiches and oh my goodness! There was a little sweet and savory tea sandwich with cheddar cheese made on raisin bread that was delicious.
More Friends…
The event included d.j. Reuben, several volunteer ‘teatenders’ who peddled hot tea, white wine, and rum punch. One of the highlights was a fashion show of totally gorgeous outfits from Rema, a boutique in Granite Bay. The models were confident and beautiful women, one of which was Wendy’s oldest daughter Ashley
Green is a really hot color right now and this table had several shades of it.
Little houses.
Many kudos to Wendy, Debby , Don, and all the “Friends”, guests, and volunteers for making this such a splendid event! My personal thanks to Debby’s neighbor Elsa and to David (love you Baby) for helping with my table!

May 27, 2010

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The CASA Tables: They are all winners!

The CASA Tables: They are all winners!

The CASA Tables: They are all winners!