WEEKEND DESIGN RETREAT with Shiree Segerstrom. Plus…her GREEK SALAD!

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What does the word retreat mean?  If you’re like most women, it’s not “leaving the scene of a battle” or having seconds on desert, but an excuse to relax and pamper yourself.
The ideal retreat is aesthetically pleasing, inducing feelings of wellness and progression.  It requires a little time getting there although not necessarily a plane trip.  Usually good food is involved and sometimes companionship.
There is often some exoticism, something slightly foreign and special.  A retreat conjures thoughts of leisurely days, healthful, delicious food, and relaxation.  Still other retreats consist of business planning, closeness for couples, or a fun get together for girlfriends.
What about a retreat for girlfriends? A long weekend at the Sonoma Mission Inn
 perhaps, where you could indulge in spa treatments, facials, mani/pedis, sight see, go wine tasting, and have spectacular meals.  The weather there is perfect this time of year.
The Design Retreat with Shiree Segerstrom will be held Saturday, September 18 and Sunday, September 19th in the 1931 Spanish style home and garden you’ve seen featured on this blog.  The curriculum includes many of the important design lessons I’ve learned from college and tons of ideas and sources I’ve gleaned from years doing the purchasing, design, and merchandising for my five different S.S.Home House and Garden boutiques
as well as years as a display stylist. The course is aimed at women who have moved into a new home within the last 12 months; just recently been married and are co-mingling furnishings with a spouse; or those who are fixing up their existing home.  If there are best friends interested in attending together, all the better.
The light hearted feel of the class and the special treatment will certainly build commoraderie. It’s an enjoyable experience made even more special by the visit to a wonderful gold rush town featured in San Francisco Magazine and the inspiring interior design, architecture, antiques, and garden where the retreat will be held. The cost is economy friendly and includes a wonderful morning
mixer at the house, two days of design curriculum, and a proper farewell tea in the garden. Also two optional lunches, cost not included, at the Diamondback Grill, Sonora’s most popular restaurant venue in an historic downtown building. The Diamondback has a wonderful wine bar and savvy menus.  The building has been remodeled to maintain the old walls and ceilings but reflects modern and contemporary styles as well.
Please RSVP via email to shireesegerstrom@att.net.
Shiree’s Greek Salad
baby leaf spinach
red onion
fresh Greek feta cheese (not crumbled)
kalamata olives
medium shrimp
fresh chopped thyme, and basil
sea salt and freshly ground pepper
fresh lemon juice
white wine vinegar
extra virgin olive oil
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August 4, 2010

  1. My visit was a wonderful reteat today! So many luscious vignette's.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sounds amazing! Now if only I weren't just this minute back from a long and expensive trip…….
    Hope all goes well.


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WEEKEND DESIGN RETREAT with Shiree Segerstrom. Plus…her GREEK SALAD!

WEEKEND DESIGN RETREAT with Shiree Segerstrom. Plus…her GREEK SALAD!

WEEKEND DESIGN RETREAT with Shiree Segerstrom. Plus…her GREEK SALAD!