Spring, Come Hither…and Hurry Up About It

joy of nesting

All these spring storms we are experiencing makes me pine for sunnier days.  I am ready for outdoor dining, late night walks with David and the dogs, and cheerier, less cumbersome clothing.
We are enjoying the last of the daffodils and flowering quince.  My Japanese cherry and Japanese maple are budding up.  The tulip trees are in full bloom.  When the time is right Chuck and I will plant some new boxwood’s around the property.  
Spring is best enjoyed out of doors but some inside rooms beautifully evoke the season of rebirth, like the interior above by designer Charlotte Moss.
Color in the garden is not my favorite thing but who wouldn’t make an exception for azaleas.  Their greenery is beautiful year round and they are so easily shaped with regular clippings.  Chuck shapes mine in continuous mounds.  My azaleas are mature and flank the flagstone walkways in my upper garden.
Around Mother’s Day I start pruning my topiary Boxwood and ivy in particular need this to maintain their shapes and encourage new growth.  I’ve always used Miracle Grow but would love an odorless, organic alternative.
Lady Di rose above and a beautiful hybrid iris below.  Sending you positive thoughts on this very dreary California day. 
My Salad of the Day
red onion
orange slices
kalamata olives
homemade garlicky garbanzo bean hummus
white wine vinegar
extra virgin olive oil
Create a bed with the arugula and top with the remaining ingredients and sprinkle with oil and vinegar.  Place a scoop of hummus along side the salad and dip your fork into it with each bite.  The flavor and texture combination’s of this salad are spectacular!  So healthy, pretty, and delicious.  Enjoy.

March 23, 2011

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Spring, Come Hither…and Hurry Up About It

Spring, Come Hither…and Hurry Up About It

Spring, Come Hither…and Hurry Up About It