“Dinner is Served”… A Look at the Most Formal Room in the Home.

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The old home builders had it right putting formal, stand alone dining rooms in every house.  They went away for awhile but a look at the following photos would lead one to believe they are back and looking better than ever.  Betsy Burnham dining room above.

The fact that dining rooms are gaining popularity pleases me.  Old fashioned manners have all but disappeared here in the states, and sitting down to dinner at a proper dining table encourages us to slow down and focus on the important things: family, friends, and the events of the day.  Brian McCarthy dining room.

Dining rooms aren’t hard to design or decorate, once you realize what is most often missing is fabric.  Think of it this way: a room is just a box of walls, ceiling, and floor.  If you add a wooden hutch, wooden table and chairs, wooden doors and windows, all you have is… wood.  Barbara Westbrook and Kim Winkler dining room.

Putting fabric on the chairs and windows is really necessary to keep the room from looking cold and unfinished.  Fabric is one of the most important elements in the room.  Ashley Whitaker dining room.

DeGourney wallpaper is extremely popular right now in formal dining rooms.  Architectural features like molding, casement, and lighting are equally defining.  Alessandra Branca dining room.
Whatever dining scheme or style is used, fabric will soften and envelope the room, muffle sounds, and give it a finished look.  Abby Rizor.
If you enjoy entertaining as I do, you know how useful the dining room can be.  I can seat up to 8 at my table.  Any more than that and I use it as a buffet.  Some time ago I purchased about 30 simple, 10″ white plates.  I like to stack them at one end of the table with the old fashioned silver flatware my Mother gave me for my 50th birthday, and freshly pressed linen napkins.
Mother’s Day is this Sunday.  I am having about 30 guests at my Sonora home for a barbeque after the annual Mother’s Day Parade.  I’m so looking forward to reconnecting with family and friends.  Then on Sunday morning we will go to Murphy’s, our nearby winery enclave for a family brunch.  The best part is my son Christian will be home for a few days!  Christina Rottman dining room.

Happy Mother’s Day!

May 4, 2011

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“Dinner is Served”… A Look at the Most Formal Room in the Home.

“Dinner is Served”… A Look at the Most Formal Room in the Home.

“Dinner is Served”… A Look at the Most Formal Room in the Home.