S.S. HOME Revisited…A Look Back at My Retail Experience

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I was recently going through photo albums and ran across some pictures of my former home and garden stores, S.S.HOME.  I thought it would be of interest to my readers to see the various incarnations.  The location pictured above had the most beautiful interior. 

Each new retail store meant a more sophisticated design layout, more space, and better location.  I opened and designed five different stores.  The one above was my second.  The exterior, with it’s antique iron gate, brick facade, and wonderful windows was painted by several local artists.

The picture above was taken at my third shop.  The building was a converted Wells Fargo stagecoach stop built in the mid 1800’s.  Gorgeous and rustic yes, but cold in the winter and hot in the summer.  The floors were very primitive and the stone walls were original.

The shop above had the best windows.  They would fit a whole sofa and the wood paneling was amazing.

The chair in the picture above is now in my master bedroom.  I found matching fabric from another company and was able to do a bed skirt.  They coordinate nicely with my vintage floral draperies.

The shop above was my second location.  It had original brick walls and big black and white linoleum tile floors.  It had a wonderful, big skylight.  It was the perfect size for my first expansion.

This was my fifth location.  It required some downsizing but the location was perfect.  Plenty of foot traffic and it had a salon next door.

Sisal rugs are great for little retail stores because they define the arrangements so nicely.

I loved the way the giant iron urns with boxwood related to the historic downtown area so I used them in three locations.  I never cared for the painted window signs one of my graphic artists talked me into. 

Those green shutters were custom made for my fourth S.S.HOME and ended up (as many favorites do) at my house.  We placed them in the garden near the property line and I love them there.  They can be seen in my blog archives “Greening of the Garden”, mid June 2010.

The nice thing about downsizing from my fourth spot to my fifth spot is the plentiful merchandise.

Having a store was a great experience.  I loved doing the buying, merchandising and initial design of each individual space.  I can’t say I miss my store but I certainly miss shopping there.

June 11, 2011

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S.S. HOME Revisited…A Look Back at My Retail Experience

S.S. HOME Revisited…A Look Back at My Retail Experience

S.S. HOME Revisited…A Look Back at My Retail Experience