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I have been buying area rugs for design clients for over a dozen years.  Today, I went online to find my top rug choices for my Joy of Nesting readers.  They are all wool, hand tufted or hand knotted, and are available in a variety of sizes too numerous to list.

Lead times vary but most take a few weeks to ship.  Rug pads are recommended.

If you would like to purchase a quality rug the two top construction types I recommend are hand knotted and hand tufted designs.  Machine tufted rugs lack quality appearance.

There are different schools of thought on choosing sizes for rugs.  How far should a rug extend past the sofa and chairs?  It varies but 12 inches is a good length.  How far should it extend past dining room table and chairs?  About 16 inches.

I have heard a variety of thoughts on rug pads too.  Mr. Mansour of Mansour’s in Sacramento, California says not to use a rug pad when placing on hardwood flooring, providing your furniture will be weighting it down.

Other rug companies say to use rug pads because they protect the rug, allow it to wear more evenly, and prolong it’s life.

Fringe should be brushed gently with the small brush attachment of your vacuum.  A lint brush from time to time helps remove stubborn fibers.

If you want to purchase an original design, you can go through an interior designer or shop at a reputable rug store.  Catalog purchases are not recommended.  Always ask about the ages of the rug makers.  Please don’t purchase any rug without absolute verification that the rug was made by adults.  Let’s not perpetuate child labor.

The above rug design is based on a Suzani quilt.

Geometric rug designs are popular right now.

I am considering the rug above for an upcoming project…my own living room and entry.

Look at rugs as an investment.  Purchase the best quality construction and fibers you can afford and a design you won’t tire of.

For more information on rug care go to Jacobsen Rugs.

July 11, 2011

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Area Rugs

Area Rugs

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