Vintage 1930’s Style Bathrooms Redesigned

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One of the reasons I’ve never shared my 1930’s bathrooms with Joy of Nesting readers is they don’t photograph really well.  Somehow the charming character doesn’t translate well to print.  Or does it?

When I have guests one of the things they comment on most is the tile and original fixtures in my two diminutive bathrooms.  When I first moved in, the bathrooms were a source of concern.  I wanted to update them in a architecturally sensitive way.  I wanted the remodels to be as era appropriate as possible.

How can you tear out perfectly good tile that is a relic like this?  The short answer is you don’t.  You work with what is there, trying not compete with the colors and style.

In the yellow bathroom I did a matching shower curtain, window treatment, and sink skirt in a Lee Jofa document print with a clever little red beaded trim at the hems.  The fabric repeats the spades and clubs motif that is present in much of the home’s original iron work like the curtain rods, the entry door window, and fireplace tile.  I found some great light fixtures for both baths at Restoration Hardware.

Fabricut white quilted window treatment, sink skirt, and shower curtains and a custom black iron curtain rod gives the green bath its simple back drop.  I used Kelly Moore Swiss Coffee white eggshell paint and fluffy white cotton towels in both baths.  Ou est la “vay say”?
Photography by Robert Watts.

July 27, 2011

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Vintage 1930’s Style Bathrooms Redesigned

Vintage 1930’s Style Bathrooms Redesigned

Vintage 1930’s Style Bathrooms Redesigned