Fall is for Polishing the Silver

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Sometime before our 27 year old son Christian was born, my husband Jim brought home a box from his mother’s attic.  It was mostly filled with pictures and books belonging to him during his college years but amongst the dust and paper was a beautiful albeit tarnished silver tea set.  He said “I don’t know if you’re interested in this.  It was our wedding silver when Susan and I were married.”

Was he crazy!  Did I seem so proud?  Of course I wanted it and furthermore, it hasn’t been stored a single day since he first gave it to me. 

Soon after receiving “Susan’s” silver service, Jim’s dear mother Mary Etta started sending over little treasures from her collection and from the auctions she attended around town.  There was the darling little cigarette holder from Gump’s, my personal favorite; the silver pitcher; and a myriad other silver serving pieces and trays.

Most valuable to me are the sentimental baby cups bearing the engraved names of James, Christian, and me, Shiree’.  I polished those up today.  I don’t usually let them get so tarnished.  They’re fresh and clean now.  Ready for this photo shoot.

The trophy cup above is engraved with and has carved handles of lions.  It isn’t silver by any stretch but I love how it looks overflowing with boxwood greenery.  I have found that silver tones stand out nicely in my home with it’s white plaster walls and dark brown trim.

I love my vintage tablecloths, napkins, and serving pieces.  I love the opportunity to use them but I am very careful not to overdo it with dinner guests.  When you have guests to dinner the focus is on them, not your table wear. 

Though I was born and raised in California, deep at heart I think I am a southern belle: at home with my linens, china, crystal, and silver.  I love having them around– a reminder of my days as a young wife and mother.

September 27, 2011

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Fall is for Polishing the Silver

Fall is for Polishing the Silver

Fall is for Polishing the Silver