INTERIOR DESIGN: new one day specialty services

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I put together these interior design color boards for my specialty services, Design in a Box and Room Service. 

Room Service is my one day home makeover.  It provides dramatic improvements, both visual and functional, to one’s home.  It was created for collectors of art and fine antiques; households with a lot of furniture and accessories; and for newlywed couples combining the disparate elements of their two households for the first time.

Room Service results are extremely beneficial for the client because we are working with the things they already love and arranging them in the most striking manner.  The best home makeovers come from the ability to understand each client’s needs and from a strong visual sense of what is beautiful without looking contrived.

Design in a Box is my comprehensive, mail order design service that provides floor plans, fabric swatches, and a list of accessories.  Clients take a fun, written test called Home Work to determine their special needs, lifestyle, and their own unique sense of style.

Design in a Box was created for people who are just starting the life long endeavor of feathering their nest.  It gets you a firm foundation of floor plans and a list of furnishings to build upon over a period of one year, five years, and beyond.  It is a wonderful guide for helping you develop your own, personal style.

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November 28, 2011

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INTERIOR DESIGN: new one day specialty services

INTERIOR DESIGN: new one day specialty services

INTERIOR DESIGN: new one day specialty services