UMBRELLAS TAKE A STAND, plus some amazing retail sites to explore!

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I adore accessories in all forms.  Lamps, candlesticks, potted plants, framed photos, candles, bookends, and books to some extent although they may not typically be classified as an accessory.  I love having beautiful things around me.  What is even better is when beauty meets function.
The umbrella stand falls into the latter category.  They have a purpose in life and apparently it’s not enough just to hold umbrellas.  They want to look pretty too.  Lexington Gardens Chinoiserie umbrella stand.
These stands, featured in this months Elle Decor Magazine , have definite opinions.  The stand above is a statement maker in red, perfect for traditional or classic interiors.  The gold one, from Mecox Gardens, is for formal interiors but would make a nice statement in a sophisticated, contemporary setting as well.
Clean and simple, the Plexi-Craft Plexiglas stand above goes well with most interior styles.  Beware that bugs and dust will inevitably collect in the bottom.  I would add polished stones.
An ultra-cheery touch to any winter foyer.  I hereby declare red as the new black.  Kartell umbrella stand above.
This stand from New York’s Neue Galerie seems a perfect umbrella stand for the office.
This is a whimsical yet sophisticated version of the umbrella stand, from Bunny Williams’ Beeline Home collection.
A very modern stand, a kind of affordable art.  ABC Carpet and Home.
Aero Studios by Thomas O’Brien, Thomas’ designs are tailored, clean and decidedly masculine.
The stand above reminds me of those great latticed rooms of the early 70’s, the ones that had white lattice on the walls, and bright Kelley green furnishings.  Ankasa.
Suitable for interiors with Boho or natural themes.  It would also be smashing with Moorish styles.  Robyn Brooks.
Shop Lam umbrella stand.  Don’t you love the contrasting red interior?  This stand makes a strong statement and would look good in modern rooms.
I believe the painted style above is considered Tole, which has roots in Germany and Scandinavia.  The overall style would look good in traditional or classic interiors. 
When you have finished reading about the umbrella stands, take a moment to back over all the wonderful websites.  

November 16, 2011

  1. Karena says:

    Shiree I love these examples!! The very first umbrella stand is my favorite!

    Rehab is going great after hip replacement! I am being a very good patient!


    Art by Karena

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UMBRELLAS TAKE A STAND, plus some amazing retail sites to explore!

UMBRELLAS TAKE A STAND, plus some amazing retail sites to explore!

UMBRELLAS TAKE A STAND, plus some amazing retail sites to explore!