ACCIDENTAL ACCESSORIES…pretty yet useful things for decorating

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Accessories are the frosting on your home’s cupcake.  They are the gilding of the lily.  When everyday household items are set out on tables and cabinets to be seen and utilized they become practical yet decorative accessories.

There is an art to creating vignettes with everyday things and one of my favorite useful and beautiful objects is the tray.

Trays are “moments waiting to happen”.  Friends stop by, “there are the glasses, here is the port, I’ll set out some water biscuits and brie.”  Instant soiree.

Tea towels and tea pots are great, collectible travel mementos.  The teapot in the picture above was hunted down and found in Nottingham, England and the tea towel was purchased on a recent trip to Cape Cod.  They are fun reminders of past travels, of moments with special loved ones.

Silver engraved baby cups are sentimental and look quite elegant against dark wood.  I love having our engraved cups out to see and enjoy every day.  Here I have shown from left to right Christian’s, Jim’s, and my engraved silver baby cups from our childhoods.

A home without books and potted plants doesn’t feel lived in.  Books say something, and not just between the covers.  They tell people a little bit about your personality, your depth, and hopefully your knowledge.

Candles are not just for special occasions, they are for every day.  Living in an old home, and with pets, I find candles to be a necessity.  The beautiful iron candelabra in the image above is from the old Smith and Hawken.

Here is a list of my favorites to make shopping for your own accessories easier.

framed prints
hardbound books
pots and jardinieres
topiary and plants, both fresh and faux
floral, both fresh and faux
stylish frames for family pictures
modern lamps
tea services
decorative bowls and plates
stacks of dinnerware
stemmed glasses
throw pillows and throw blankets
candles, candlesticks, and candelabras
baskets, a myriad of sizes
door stops
bottles of wine, vermouth, vodka, etc.
serving platters
tabletop etagere for displaying multiple small items
(Etagere are structures that are shaped like pyramids, made of wood or metal with glass shelves)

Happy hunting.

January 24, 2012

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ACCIDENTAL ACCESSORIES…pretty yet useful things for decorating

ACCIDENTAL ACCESSORIES…pretty yet useful things for decorating

ACCIDENTAL ACCESSORIES…pretty yet useful things for decorating