MAKING ROOM FOR GOOD THINGS TO COME…organizational ideas for 2012

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My friend and client Leonora sent me these organizational ideas from unknown sources.  Reorganizing your office and home is one of the best New Year resolutions.  The bonus is you get a nice energy boost after it’s done.

Egg crates are useful for organizing any number of breakable items including Christmas tree ornaments.

Pillowcases are perfect enclosures for bed sheets, keeping them folded and snug.

I haven’t tried microwaved popcorn cooked in a brown paper bag personally, but I do know how unhealthy store bought microwave popcorn is.  This method is quick as well as healthy.

Open the closet door and look up.  Ceiling storage for gift wrapping paper.  Ingenious.

Bread tags used as identification for power and computer cords.  Another “why didn’t I think of that” moment.

“Have you seen my diamond earring?”  No? Neither have I but maybe there is still hope for yours with this hosiery and vacuum trick.

A tension rod under the kitchen sink stores spray bottles and frees up space underneath.

Walnut meats are nice little scratch removers.  My mother in law Mary Etta and my own mom Shirrel use this trick with great success.

More tips for buffing up your life, streamlining your work, and making room for good things to come…

1. Invest in a label maker this year.  I love my Dymo LetraTag for identifying client files and binders, and for using on the outside of storage containers.

2. Tote bags are great solutions to staying organized on the go.  Create a separate bag for each project or topic.

3. My favorite storage solution is the large, rectangular woven basket.  I buy several matching baskets in varying sizes and place them on top of the cabinetry in my guest room and office.  They store a myriad of work related items such as sample books for fringe, window blinds, and fabric samples.

4. This is a simple solution that very few people practice.  Twice a year, go through your closet and give away or take to the Good Will any clothes or shoes you haven’t worn in over two seasons.  This will make access to the clothes you love easy and pleasant.

5. Magazines pile up quickly and I have a simple system for keeping them in check.  I have a large round basket (about 36″ diameter) in my living room.  In it I place, in a circular fashion, four months to seven months worth of magazines.

Every season I take the three oldest months away and put the newer ones back in the basket.  It is an enjoyable task because I get to go through the magazines at the bottom of the basket that I haven’t seen in over a season.  After I’ve re-read them they go to my fitness center, where they will get more use and find new homes.

6. All of my closets have a multitude of robe hooks which I use for hanging totes (which I use for on the go tasks), my design portfolios, tablecloths on hangers, dog leads, coats, brooms, and more.  Mounted on solid wood 2 by 4’s, the robe hooks will stay in place under tremendous weight.

7. Many old garages and basements have run off from rain and irrigation systems.  One storage solution is to place pallets on the floor with clear, plastic storage tubs stacked one on top of the other.  The clear plastic provides at-a-glance identification.

8. Decorative boxes on bookshelves are great storage for the small things you only use occasionally like place card holders, napkin rings, and ribbon.

9. Save sentimental cards or drawings from your children or spouse in hardbound books.  Cook books in particular are great storage because you seldom get rid of them.  I love coming across a drawing from my son’s childhood.  It’s a sweet surprise.

10. Bedside tables get messy quickly.  A high sided woven basket or tote stores your night time paraphernalia nicely.  I keep a box of Kleenex in mine as well as a small reading lamp, a stack of books, and cream for removing eye makeup.

January 3, 2012

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MAKING ROOM FOR GOOD THINGS TO COME…organizational ideas for 2012

MAKING ROOM FOR GOOD THINGS TO COME…organizational ideas for 2012

MAKING ROOM FOR GOOD THINGS TO COME…organizational ideas for 2012