Joy’s Top Sofa Picks…plus how to choose the perfect sofa!

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Next to choosing a mattress, the most important decision you will make in purchasing furniture for your home is the sofa.

My company has been selling the sofas, chairs, and ottomans featured here and I have come to love their quality and style and the companys’ integrity. All my lines are made either in Los Angeles or North Carolina.

Generally speaking I prefer to do three back cushions and three seat cushions two will do if the sofa is well designed like the one above. The look of a single cushioned sofa can be very tailored and lovely too.

Skirted sofas are best for spacious rooms, while sofas without skirts are better suited for smaller ones. Details like welts, banding, fringe and tacks add to the character of the piece as well as the price.

The features to look for in purchasing a quality sofa are in regards to the frame, the ties, the cushions, and the fabric. All are equally important to not only it’s longevity but to the comfort and appearance of the piece.

You want an 8-way hand tied frame that’s made of kiln dried wood. Sustainable wood is preferable. Cushions with a solid core and down feather wrap are the ultimate in comfort and durability.
Fabric quality is more important than you might think because of  the wear and tear a sofa takes.  The program fabrics, the ones that come with the sofa lines are often poor quality and unattractively designed. For that reason I always do high grade fabric choices or COM, customer’s own material which means it’s ordered separately from another company.

When I choose fabrics for a sofa I usually do a patternless fabric with texture. If there are pets on the furniture I almost always do a pattern of some sort. I love Bennison style floral patterns. They are apologetically feminine and so forgiving when it comes to stains and fur. 

I usually do three 20 inch down blend pillows with fringe or a tiny contrasting welt on my sofas but sometimes 18 or 22 inch pillows work well when the sofa is extra small or extra large.

All sofas available through Shiree Hanson Segerstrom. Prices from $4000. Lead time six to eight weeks.

June 13, 2012

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Joy’s Top Sofa Picks…plus how to choose the perfect sofa!

Joy’s Top Sofa Picks…plus how to choose the perfect sofa!

Joy’s Top Sofa Picks…plus how to choose the perfect sofa!