Meanwhile, Back on the Patio…

joy of nesting

I have been decorating and redecorating my patio for years. It’s not that I like change, I’ve just never been able to get it “right”.

It has been a difficult space. All windows, doors, and hewn wood beams. To add to the confusion there is that ugly etched cement I’ve been loathe to replace mainly because of the expense.

By now I have blogged about my patio at least six times. I think I am finally onto something special, at last.

I wanted a Moroccan motif and a lot of greenery. I wanted it to feel like an oasis. I didn’t buy new furniture but I did re-purpose an iron daybed from the upper garden. I also ordered a ton of double ball ivy and rosemary triple ball topiary.

This is where I read, sip iced tea in the summer, take short naps on the weekends, and practice Yoga. It’s a very healing place, and very quiet. And it smells good. Besides the scent roses and myrtle, I like to burn Votivo Honey Garden Incense. It has a nice way of lightly lingering for weeks after it’s been burned.

Next up, concrete stain.

July 17, 2012

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Meanwhile, Back on the Patio…

Meanwhile, Back on the Patio…

Meanwhile, Back on the Patio…