A Day at the Design Center

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I love a productive day, particularly when it is relatively fast and easy. The San Francisco Design Center is one of my favorite places to source furniture, fabrics and accessories for my design clients. Today’s project took me there in search of some great love seat options.

I happened to spy the very attractive sectional sofa and chandelier above in one of my favorite showrooms.

I chose some amazing fabrics for love seats for a client. They are “program” fabrics which means they are fabrics provided by the love seat’s manufacturer. Using program fabrics is one way to save money for my clients but I don’t often use them because they are seldom as attractive or as good a quality as COM fabrics. Program fabrics are graded from A to Z. A being the least expensive and Z being the most.

I usually opt for “COM” fabrics which means “customer’s own material”. Those are the fabrics I purchase from companies that just manufacture fabrics. I can control the overall design and quality of the project with them because the choices are endless. The only downside is it is often more expensive to do it that way, mainly because COM grade is marked at around a G or an H, depending on how many grades there are within that program. COM grade is usually in the middle of the price range.

After an hour of shopping, I was finished and ready for a little lunch: a delicious, veggie wrap at Perry’s in the Galleria building. It’s tangy rice wine vinegar and soy sauce marinated eggplant nicely hit the spot.

June 25, 2013

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A Day at the Design Center

A Day at the Design Center

A Day at the Design Center