A Designer’s Diverse Aesthetic

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I’ve just begun work on a residential project outside San Francisco in a little town called Daly City. The home was built in the sixties and has stunning views of the San Bruno Mountains and Crocker Park.

This sideboard (above) reminds me of a piece we’ll be using in their dining room. I’m completely excited about it but the wife isn’t too sure yet. I am charged with working some wizardry around the piece in order to tie it in with the other furniture styles going into the spaces. I am up for the challenge. “Bring it Darling”.

The following images are just a few of my favorite things. Being “in the industry” I have a fairly broad aesthetic which is beneficial because it allows me to understand my clients and their various styles.

Credits listed where available. Here goes…

Black and blue and magenta. I’m uncertain about the style category of this little daybed, but the colors and fabrics tout an ethnic flair.

The Eames chairs act as a modern foil against the rustic wood table top, iron legs and casters. A vintage typewriter (presumably in lieu of a laptop) adds a dab of humor.

Davetta Moore Designs. Coral Chippendale chairs around the breakfast table.

Sage green mohair chair with tacks, perfect for those small, tricky spaces. A zigzag area rug adds a little graphic interest.

I’ve just purchased this chest for a project in San Francisco. It’s going into the master bedroom of a Julia Morgan home. The home’s architectural style is not modern obviously but the remodels took place before the clients purchased the place. We are working around the existing improvements per their request.

Warm and wonderful, that’s the work of Lisa Luby Ryan. Secretary with antiqued blue finish.

For the bold and the modern: the always versatile Lucite cocktail table.

Mark D Sikes. Coromandel screen. Instant history.

Nothing says “welcome” quite like a stocked bar. And this one is particularly pretty with its decorative, painted finish.

Tuxedo sofa in pink silk with sumptuous feather cushions. Whisper soft colors in the antique tapestry hanging above it.

On my next Joy of Nesting blog post, my favorite baked cheesecake recipe with glazed fresh strawberries. Valentine’s Day is next week!

Oh, joy… Shiree’

February 6, 2014

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A Designer’s Diverse Aesthetic

A Designer’s Diverse Aesthetic

A Designer’s Diverse Aesthetic