Spring Time at SHS… Bespoke Design Schemes

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Spring is just a few weeks away and we are preparing for a very busy one here at ye olde design studio.

The larger of my design projects always begins with two to three, very detailed design presentations tailored for each individual client. I call them my Bespoke Design Schemes and they are the foundation of my work. They are also the fun part of what I do and what the clients look forward to the most…besides installation day of course.

Each scheme includes pictures like the ones shown here; written concepts explaining my choices; written estimates and quotes for things like furniture, upholstery, window coverings, pillows and lighting; overall scheme cover sheets to see their budgets at a glance; and what I consider the highlight of my schemes, beautiful fabric sample combinations, placed on easy to handle rings and labeled with the item the fabric will go on.

The client chooses their favorite of the custom tailored schemes usually based on aesthetics. Occasionally they want to make little changes such as swapping out a chair or a fabric and that’s okay because there’s generally some flexibility worked into the schemes. A mix and match option if you will.

Putting together these design schemes takes time and patience certainly. But putting together fabrics, colors and furnishings that are aesthetically pleasing requires a special instinct. If Bespoke Design Schemes are the foundation of my business, fabric designs are my niche. They are what pulls together the architecture, artworks, antiques and any existing furnishings we plan to work with.

Every client has a different set of criteria ranging from color preferences to spatial requirements to elements of style. Working within those perimeters is something I enjoy immensely because it number one, narrows my research and number two, gives me a fabulous challenge.

This cocktail table is small scale, perfect for a project I’m currently working on.

Since each client project is unique, every Bespoke Design Scheme is done from scratch. Endless hours are spent at the design center choosing possible fabrics and furnishings. When I return to the office, I also visit websites of my favorite sources.

 Each SHS Bespoke Design Scheme comes with:

  • A beautiful “bee logo” booklet.
  • Two to three striking fabric schemes in unique textures, patterns and colors for all seating, pillows and window coverings. They are labeled for intended use and placed on rings for easy viewing.
  • Written concepts explaining a little about the various schemes and why I chose what I chose.
  • Written budgets at a glance.
  • Written quotes and estimates on every proposed piece and fabricated item.
  • High quality colored pictures of furniture such as sofas, chairs and dining room tables, and accessories such as lighting and beautiful area rugs.
  • CAD (computer aided draft) as needed.
  • Cover sheet explaining the overall process.

Please contact my office today to set up a phone interview. We can discuss your project briefly and decide if a Bespoke Design Scheme package is for you.

209-532-2193. shireesegerstrom@att.net. Pricing varies per package. Spring special on SHS Bespoke Design Schemes March 20th to April 1st.

March 6, 2014

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Spring Time at SHS… Bespoke Design Schemes

Spring Time at SHS… Bespoke Design Schemes

Spring Time at SHS… Bespoke Design Schemes