Some of My Most Favorite Fabric Combo’s!

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Putting together smashing fabric combinations is one of a small handful of things we specialize in here at Shiree Hanson Segerstrom. We adore all things fabric from sofas and chairs to slip covers, draperies and Roman shades.

If it’s covered in fabric, we do it. I’m not alone in this venture. I have three amazing seamstresses and two upholsterers who we keep pretty busy. They each have between twenty and thirty five years experience and I’m very fortunate to have them! I apologize for not sharing my sources with you but it is proprietary. I will gladly recommend my hair stylist with you, but not my work rooms!

Here are a few of the design schemes we’ve put together recently with, you guessed it…fabric.

Two of the things that really set designers apart from the masses is their fabric choices and the quality of their fabrications. If you don’t use quality fabric and don’t have tight workmanship, the products will look puffy and un-tailored as a bad suit.

The fabric scheme above recently made its way into the living and dining room of a cute little place outside San Francisco.

The taupe damask print velvet and the zigzag fabric will be a pillow back sofa. The black “Ikat” inspired dot will be oblong throw pillows. The faux, cream colored reptile will a gorgeous bench. The chair fabric that is noticeably missing is till under hot debate.

More later, Shiree’

April 2, 2014

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Some of My Most Favorite Fabric Combo’s!

Some of My Most Favorite Fabric Combo’s!

Some of My Most Favorite Fabric Combo’s!