Living a Vibrant Life with Arthritis

joy of nesting

Have you lost some of the joy in your life? Do
the smallest tasks seem like a chore even if completing those means you’ll have
a happier set of circumstances? Would you like to live a life full of meaning
and purpose? Do you know what that looks like? And let’s be truthful, do you even
know what ignites your spirit anymore?

I’m talking to you today about living a vibrant,
rich and full life while managing the pain and degenerative changes of arthritis
and this is how it looks!

You enjoy life. You heart overflows with love for
your circle of friends and family. You have the energy and enthusiasm to meet
your responsibilities, you give back and you still have plenty of energy left
over for play. Your home is beautiful and functional and supports your
lifestyle and your self-care systems. It’s a comfortable haven for gathering
friends and family. Your skin, body and hair glow from the great nutrition,
exercise, down time and sleep you lavish on it. But man, it’s almost impossible
to achieve or even maintain these things when you live a life with pain! I get
it because I have been diagnosed with half a dozen degenerative bone conditions
myself! You most likely take medications and if we can be truthful once more, they
add to your problem. Cutting edge arthritis specialists now know that bone
builders and pain killers create more problems than they solve! I’m not saying
go off your medication, but if your doctor doesn’t know this by now, maybe it’s
time to begin searching for one who does.

talk about the key things that will get your joy levels humming, help you feel
happy in your own skin and in your relationships. These stem from three things…
how you live in your community; how you live at home; and how you take care of
yourself while there.”

Living at a higher frequency, looking gorgeously
healthy in your own unique way and living a richer life is at its roots, about
taking excellent care of you. It’s
about valuing yourself enough to keep agreements with yourself. It’s about
offering yourself the best lifestyle choices. In your case those are a plant
based, 75% raw, organic eating plan, devoting yourself to the right kind of
exercise for arthritis sufferers; and plenty of rest and rejuvenation.
Let’s talk a bit about the steps to take to make
them happen for you. I’m not talking about perfection. In fact, perfection is a
joy killer! But there is a certain level of advance planning and implementation
that goes into designing a life you love. Let’s get started.

a plan

Living with higher levels of joy requires some
planning and implementation. These steps should be exciting for you. They
should get you to stretch your comfort zones a bit, like going on vacation to a
foreign land. But please don’t go on a labor intense mission that’s going to
make everyone around you miserable! That’s counterproductive.

These plans should be enjoyable in themselves.
When you take a vacation, you have to put yourself out there to experience new
things and explore. So remember these words, “Nothing ventured, nothing
gained”! This is a new experience you are exploring. Strive for balance!

Action Steps for Home Design
Develop a budget.

Develop a timeline.

Develop a solid furniture layout with one or two
great anchoring, large scale pieces that give you a strong sense of stability.

Use cooling colors like light grayish taupe, pale
gray, light lavender, pale skin-toned “blush”, muted celadon green and pale
cool blue.

Use warming textures and soothing elements like
throw blankets, books, baskets and feather pillows into your plan.

Steps for Excellent Eating

Identify all the areas in your eating plan where
you most often fall short. Is it morning, afternoon or evening? Breakfast,
lunch or dinner? Eating out or attending a social event?

Identify what tools you will need to inspire you
and give you the daily impetus you’ll need to follow through with them such as
an easy to clean, easy to use juicer for green juicing, a sink basket for
washing produce, a beautiful, well planned, well equipped kitchen etc.

Develop a sustainable
eating plan that you will stick to and then hold yourself accountable!

Steps to Help You Prioritize Exercise

Identify all the areas in your exercise plan
where you most often fall short.
Identify what tools you will need to inspire you
and give you the daily impetus you’ll need to follow through with them such as
a stationary bike, a rebounder, two or three days a week with a personal

Develop an exercise schedule that you will stick
to and then hold yourself accountable! I love to break mine up, rebounding or
stay-biking in the morning, Yoga in late afternoon before dinner, weights on
alternating afternoons. Having the right balance of discipline and flexibility
is tremendously helpful.

Rest and Rejuvenation Time

The body’s healing mechanism is sleep and rest.
With arthritis, it’s imperative that you get a good night’s sleep. The best
sleep comes from keeping your room as a place for rest. Cool, restful colors,
comforting elements and textures like throw blankets, feather pillows, books,
good reading lamps, light blocking window coverings, and the thermostat set at
a cool temperature create an ideal environment for a good night’s sleep.


Once you have identified what a joyful life
looks like to you, only then can you implement and sustain it. Nothing will gel
until you know what that looks.
Finally, once you have achieved it, be happy
with what you have my friend and maintain it joyfully! Gratitude is energizing
for you and everyone around you!
If you’d like a free chapter from my new book “Pain
Free Decorating: Creating Nurturing Spaces for Women with Arthritis” send me an
email at shireesegerstrom@att.net.

Live Beautifully. Eat Beautifully!

Best, Shiree

Click “Pain Free Design and Wellness” for a free chapter of my powerful new book that helps women with arthritis create beautiful, functional homes and take better care of themselves every day because home is where it all begins.

June 5, 2019

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Living a Vibrant Life with Arthritis

Living a Vibrant Life with Arthritis

Living a Vibrant Life with Arthritis