Great Decorating Checklists for Fall, Plus My Favorite Fall Foliage!

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Everyone loves this time of year, but if I were to be completely honest, I would tell you I hate to see the end of summer! Regardless, I have some great decorating checklists for fall, and I’m sharing them with you today plus, my favorite fall foliage Get some great decorating checklists for fall, plus my favorite fall foliage!


Great Decorating for Fall

Great decorating for fall takes on meaning because of Thanksgiving. I love keeping various decorative items in my home for the change of seasons but because space is limited, I have to pick and choose carefully.
Here are some lists and tips to help make autumn decorating and entertaining a little easier.


Living room in neutral color schemes accented by classic furnishings.
Grant K. Gibson

My Own Decorating for Fall


No matter what season we’re in, I love decorating with anything that has a purpose such as platters, bowls, vases and books. This is especially true in fall, however.
In the entry, I generally swap out my faux boxwood for a fall bouquet of Nandina Heavenly Bamboo from the yard. For years I didn’t care for Heavenly Bamboo. Now I appreciate it for its low maintenance and consistent fall color.
I also love to bring out my cream-colored ceramic turkey candlestick holders and place them on my entrance sideboard, on a tray, next to my silver service set. They add a subtle reference to Thanksgiving that I love. I have eight of them and they hold small, tapered candles.

Fall centerpiece of persimmons and orange ranunculas in a silver, footed container.


Decorating for Fall, in the Dining Room

In the dining room, I add faux or real autumn fruits to the serving pieces already there and place seasonal tea towels on the ends of the glass bar cart. With its curtains, slipcovered end chairs, pair of 20-inch potted olive topiary and dining table centerpiece, a tray of wine glasses and bottles of liqueur, the room is festive to begin with.
Ralph Lauren interior, antique black book case, antique chair.
Ralph Lauren

Decorating for Fall, in the Kitchen


In my kitchen, I do a small autumn floral arrangement and put out fresh pumpkins and persimmons. I also have a bunch of little pumpkin shaped candles that I place on my counters and windowsills providing it’s not too hot outside.
For fall decorating, swap out or add to your rooms, a few of the following items:

Fall Decorating Checklist, for Everyday

Seasonal wreaths
Lap blankets in autumn tones
Coffee table books featuring fall themes
Salt and pepper shakers
Pinecones and best quality dried and faux fruits and vegetables
Ceramic and iron statuary (stags, turkeys, horns of plenty, wheat sheaths, pumpkins)
Autumn shaped and autumn scented candles
Best quality faux and dried floral and foliage
Fall themed napkin rings
Theme based hand towels for the bathroom (try not to go too obvious or overboard here!)

Fall Decorating Checklist, for Festive Occasions

Tablecloths in tones of burnt red, chestnut or deep olive green
Napkins, paper and fabric
Serving platters, rustic or refined
Special vases (as opposed to plain, clear glass)
Fine China, crystal and silver
Handmade ceramic dinnerware and serving pieces
Rustic wooden salad bowls

Antique screen used in sitting area


Color Schemes for Fall Decorating

The fall colors below go with many decorating schemes and can be added for a beautiful, seasonal change:
Terra Cotta
Sage, emerald or Kelly green
Warm white
Dark brown (brown textiles tend to be flat so look for items that have a sheen to them such as chenille, velvet or mohair)
John Saladino Designed living room

My Favorite Foliage for Fall Decorating

Any fall foliage is beautiful indoors. If you’re lucky enough to have them and know how to work with difficult materials, branches of maple, fig, pomegranate, and pear can be spectacular entrance arrangements.
Remember to pulverize a few inches of the ends of the branches so they can absorb water. Use a tall, narrow, heavy vase for such arrangements and a sturdy, heavy “frog”.
Nandina/Heavenly Bamboo

Liquid Amber






Myrtle (lasts forever, or almost!)


Sitting area in light fall colors of whites and russets


Decorating the Table for Fall

Decorating the table for fall is something we all love. For important occasions, my best advice is to do a mockup table a week or so in advance. For residential events I always start with the room’s overall design. What is the color scheme?
How many people will be seated? How much room will you have for the centerpiece? Try finding a common thread between the occasion and the existing interior.
If your dining room is in shades of blue, you can add pumpkin colorations because blues and oranges together are complementary on the color wheel. If your color scheme is in olive green and shades of red, you can play off the red with russet and brown because russet has a lot of red in it to begin with.
Start with the tablecloth and dinner plates. I like to add a contrasting salad plate for visual interest. Add the napkins.
As you go, keep in mind the flowers and plant materials that will be readily available to you. Focus first on practicality. Nothing too high for sit down dinners at home.
If you have, say, eight to ten tablecloths or two or three dish sets to choose from, it will allow you more creativity. If not, start with the basics you do have and use stuff from your garden or nature for decorative touches.
Lastly, do the centerpiece and choose the napkin rings or place card holders if you have them. The napkin rings or place cardholders are where you can be really clever such as with a sly reference to the event or a thoughtful take away favor for your guests.



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That’s it for today!

Happy Thanksgiving! Shiree’


PS- for more on kitchens, check out my article, Three Remodeling Budgets and Check Lists for a Health-Conscious Kitchen

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November 7, 2022

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Great Decorating Checklists for Fall, Plus My Favorite Fall Foliage!

Great Decorating Checklists for Fall, Plus My Favorite Fall Foliage!

Great Decorating Checklists for Fall, Plus My Favorite Fall Foliage!