At Home Workouts and Check Lists

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For someone who worked out at a fitness center her entire life, I’ve definitely converted to the at home workout concept post Covid. But now that the variety of at home workout equipment is so broad it can be difficult to know what equipment to buy and which exercises to do to get a full body workout every week. Here are my favorite at home workouts and check lists to get you started.


woman working out at home using at home equipment, yoga mat and bands

Why Exercise at Home

There are so many benefits to working out at home.

Saves time and money.

No commute.



Privacy & comfort.

No need to do your hair!

Work at your own pace.

Best At Home Workouts Check List

Losing muscle mass, bone density, hormonal fluctuations, weight gain and increased risk of chronic diseases are the main concerns we women face as time marches on. It’s important that we all counteract them with daily movement.

These are the ones you need.

Cardio- walking, jogging, cycling, rebounding, HIIT and swimming.

Strength training- weights, resistance bands and bodyweight exercises.

Flexibility and mobility- yoga and Pilates.

Functional fitness- squats, lunges, push-ups and planks.

At Home Aerobic Workout Durations

150 minutes of moderate intensity or 75 minutes of vigorous intensity a week.

At Home Workout Equipment Check List

Yoga mat

Pair of dumbbells, 10 lbs., 5 lbs. and 1 lb.

14 lb. weighted ‘rucking’ vest

Resistance bands, a variety of tensions.

Jump rope.

Foam rollers.

Large and small exercise balls.

Kettle ball.

Stability disc.

Elliptical or stationary bicycle.

At Home Workout Systems

Lauren Roxburgh, a fitness expert and founder of Aligned Life has a line of workout equipment. I’ve been using a few of her pieces.

Body Sphere- a full body massage ball for balance and core workouts as well as for gently massaging your organs and deep muscles.

Aligned Roller- a moderate density foam roller for toning and massage.

Life Mat- has a grid pattern that helps with alignment and positioning during yoga, Pilates and stretching.

Dome- a half dome to add instability and resistance to planks, bridges, and leg lifts to activate the core and inner thighs.

Functional Exercise Systems for At Home Workouts

These are all inclusive systems that are ideal for at home workouts for women.

A typical workout features movements that work multiple muscles at once for balanced, total body strength training using resistance equipment to improve your posture, flexibility and coordination as well as helps prevent injuries and pain.

PVolve is one that I’ve had my eye on. It has a variety of equipment to perform different exercises and target different muscle groups.

The P.ball- a small inflatable ball that you place between your thighs to activate your glutes, inner thighs, and core.

The P.band- a resistance band with hand attachments that you wear on your wrists to tone your arms, shoulders, and back.

The P.3 trainer- a device that combines a glider, a resistance band, and an ankle weight to challenge your lower body, core, and upper body.

The P.volve step- a platform that you can use to elevate your exercises and add more intensity and variety.

The heavy ankle band- a thick elastic band that you wear around your ankles to add resistance and stability to your lower body exercises.

The 1.5 lb. ankle weights- a pair of adjustable weights that you wear around your ankles to increase the challenge and burn of your lower body exercises.

The gliders- a pair of discs that you place under your feet to slide and glide across the floor, working your core, legs, and glutes.

They also offer bundles on their website and Instagram page.

Taking excellent care of yourself means knowing what your body needs and then providing it consistently throughout the year. With 2024 here, get your health and wellness program back in place with my 7-Day Wellness Challenge!


The 7 Day Wellness Challenge with Shiree Segerstrom Design and Wellness Logo

7-Day Wellness Challenge

Create an exceptional lifestyle with optimal foods, joyful workouts and effective tools and tips to help you stay consistent, get yourself results and enjoy life to its fullest. 

Introducing The 7-Day Wellness Challenge, an owner’s manual for your body that guides you in developing healthy habits and easy-to-implement action steps and routines.

  • Seven condensed lessons and two bonuses.
  • Optimal eating plans with game changing salads, plant-based meals, green juicing and the basics to making healthy foods taste really delicious.
  • Fun and effective workouts; at-home equipment recommendations and scheduling tools.
  • Mindset and budgeting tips for spending more on organic, healthy foods.
  • Trusted, health related resources and book recommendations for working with your medical professional and being your own health advocate.

Learn the 7 steps to a beautiful, health centered lifestyle here!

Bye for now!


For more on wellness design and easy home makeovers, check out my post “Give Your Home a Wellness Makeover in One Weekend” plus, the link to my interview with award winning anchor Deirdre Fitzpatrick!



February 3, 2024

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At Home Workouts and Check Lists

woman working out at home using at home equipment, yoga mat and bands

At Home Workouts and Check Lists

woman working out at home using at home equipment, yoga mat and bands

At Home Workouts and Check Lists

woman working out at home using at home equipment, yoga mat and bands