Best Room of the House

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The living room is my favorite place in the home. I don’t like “great rooms”. And I don’t think you can replace a formal living room with a family room. I like formality and would never be happy in a frumpy, dark space no matter how comfortable it purported itself to be.

Above, Christopher Maya.

I’m not sure why these rooms jump out at me. Some are a bit busy and some are a bit sterile. But each had a lot of thought put into them. Enjoy a little home tour of some of my favorite living rooms.

Above Daniel Sachs.

Above. The late Albert Hadley.

Charlotte Moss.

Eric Cohler.
Jay Griffith.
Jeffrey Bilhuber.
Kathryn Scott.


Ken Fulk.
Miles Redd.
Susan Zises Green.
What makes a living room inviting? It’s different things to different people but all these rooms have some things in common. Each has a strong focal point and anchor, quality seating, texture, and a place to set a drink. Each space is well lit. They all have fresh plants or flowers and throw pillows. Why do so many people fight the pillow thing? If you haven’t tried feather pillows, you are missing out on one of life’s little luxuries. 
Victoria Pearson.

It’s my personal (and professional) wish that every house have a stand alone living room, not one that’s attached to the kitchen. Living well at home means having a room that is comfortable and well stocked for reading, entertaining, enjoying a fire in the fireplace, and listening to music. Not just a place designed around a television.

December 18, 2012

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Best Room of the House

Best Room of the House

Best Room of the House