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Call it an affectation or a peccadillo. I like using proper vernacular when it comes to the things I refer to and work with daily. Cocktail table. Den. Table lamp. Fixture. Seat cushion. Throw pillow. Sofa. I love designing sofas, shopping for them, and recommending the best ones to my clients.

Here are a few of my favorite “sofas”. What attracts me to a sofa is a quality frame. Dense cushions with down filled padding. I love elegant features like box pleated skirts, bouillon, and fabulous fabrics. Mohair, velvet, linen and silk are among my favorites.

The sofa in the room above designed by Michael Pertenio is the most yummy color. I doubt it’s comfortable but what I like about the upright back is that when you are at a party, you’re required to sit up straight. We all look so much better with excellent posture.

Three seat cushions, three back cushions. This dark gray sofa has cushions that “crown” nicely, meaning they have a little “puff” of padding right on top where it counts the most. Three seat cushions are a must because it means no one gets stuck sitting on the break.

This slouchy looking sofa as seen in Deandra Douglas’ home in Santa Barbara has been around a while but you can’t beat it for comfort, convenience and easy maintenance. This one has a loose fitting slipcover and a pillow back. I love seeing people sink into these low slung designs at parties. The can hold a lot of people. Not great for posture, but certainly conducive to relaxation.

The dark olive green fabric on the sofa above is still a gorgeous color, even though it’s enjoyed much  popularity. The room won’t date quickly because the lines and colors are so classic. I might change out the art work over the fireplace, however.

This daybed is in a wonderful orange and white ikat print. Day bed’s are perfect for guest rooms and home offices for their flexibility and convenience. This room has coordinating white and orange valances over curtain panels.

Tufted sofas are not terrifically comfortable but this one is sharp looking. The room has an avant garde feel.

Mohair or velvet, the russet sofa above is positively opulent. I never tire of the color, particularly when it’s applied to such dye-receptive fibers as linen, silk and wool.

When shopping for sofas, I recommend getting frames that are sturdy. One’s that are guaranteed, kiln dried hardwood. Cushion quality is important too and my favorite type is dense foam core with down blend wraps. I prefer sofas with one seat cushion or three. Two is a waste of space because no one wants to sit on the break.

Remember some basics: for small spaces, use sofas without skirts. Skirted sofas, however, make large spaces cozier. Pricing for quality sofas are usually $4,500 and up. If you’re going to go for a less expensive sofa, go with IKEA. At least you’ll get what you pay for, unlike Pottery Barn whose quality is comparable to IKEA and whose prices are unjustifiably high.


May 30, 2013

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Sofa’ So Good

Sofa’ So Good

Sofa’ So Good