The Only Eating Plan for Arthritis

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of the biggest challenges you face with arthritis is with how you eat. So many
foods trigger symptoms, especially dairy and processed foods. I want to share
the ideal arthritis eating plan with you today so that you can start adjusting
your lifestyle for the challenges you face ahead.

organic, mostly raw, plant based diet focusing on dark leafy greens is thought
to be the best eating plan by cutting edge, arthritis specialists whose goals
are to get patients of prescription pain killers and bone builders. Yes, these
doctors do exist but you have to dig deep to find them. I will be mentioning
these doctors and including their books on my future blog posts and possibly in
my next book. Most doctors today only know how to prescribe drugs. Raw fruits, vegetables
and soaked nuts and seeds, and whole grains like quinoa, millet and amaranth are
anti-inflammatory. Dairy (especially cows’ milk products like cheese and milk)
and all meat (beef, poultry, lamb and pork alike) are not. But why go raw? Raw plants
have all their nutrients intact. Cooked foods or to be exact, foods cooked over
around 117 degrees F. are devoid of nutrients having had the nutrients cooked
out of them. That’s not to say don’t eat cooked foods. Some cooked foods are
easier to digest and assimilate than others. Most doctors and nutritionists agree
wild salmon is acceptable. And starchy foods/vegetables like beans, brown rice
and sweet potatoes are great too.

plant based, mostly raw eating plan is wonderful for regenerating bones, hair,
skin, nails and teeth. I’ve eaten this way for years and I’m seldom if ever
tired. My body is extremely limber even with osteopenia, osteoarthritis and
scoliosis. And the best part is, even though I’ve been diagnosed with these conditions
and several more, I manage my pain and overall health without the use of dangerous
pain killers or bone builders. That’s right my friend. No meds.
realize your life is busy and at times it’s really challenging to balance it
with excellent self-care so processed foods happen, right? If you’re buying
packaged foods, keep them to a minimum and be sure and take the time to read
your labels carefully. For instance I read the labels when I buy brown rice
pasta, pasta sauce, tortillas, coconut milk, salsa, beans, hummus, almond milk,
tortilla chips and goat cheese, etc. The brands of packaged foods I use contain
only one to five real food ingredients. Unfortunately there are many more
brands out there that fill their packaged foods up with preservatives, flavor
enhancers and fillers. Calcium chloride is not a food! Look for labels that
have only food in their ingredients list. They are out there but it will take
some effort to find them. Brands often change the ingredients when they
discover they are not making enough more money and substitute good ingredients
with cheaper non-food one so you have be diligent. Preparing salads with raw
fruits and vegetables and fresh juicing take time, but what meal doesn’t?  If you follow my plan, you’ll be doing much
less cooking anyway!
make salad dressings from scratch. Bottled dressings like almost all packaged
foods are loaded with chemicals and devoid of nutrients. For my every day
salads I do the juice of ¼ to ½ of a fresh lemon, plenty of Himalayan pink salt
for flavor, and 2-3 tablespoons of organic cold pressed extra virgin olive oil.
Pink salt has some redeeming minerals and I have low blood pressures so I’m
allowed to be generous. If you’re blood pressure is high however, you should
really see a good nutritionist anyway, so ask about pink salt. I included many
of my most delicious raw salad recipes in my last blog post. My big salads are
highly flavorful and oh so satisfying! Be sure and try the
strawberry-lime-honey-cilantro combo I created!
does an arthritis diet look like? It is a majority of dark leafy green salads
with romaine, spinach, kale and chard topped with raw veggies, lemon juice and
high quality olive oil; fresh fruits; fresh green juices; highest quality
starches like brown rice, quinoa, millet; plant based proteins like lentils, garbanzo
beans and black beans; and high quality fats like avocado, cold pressed extra
virgin olive oil and raw nuts and seeds. They are highly acidifying and our
bodies/dna doesn’t recognize them.
enough water is oh so important for your joints! But it’s imperative that you
invest in a good water filter. Drinking tap water is no longer an option for
you or your family. Tap water is loaded with chemicals and known carcinogens. For
daily water requirements a good rule of thumb to follow is take your weight in
pounds and divide it in half. If you weigh 130 lbs. you need 65 ounces of
are a number of products I buy on a weekly or monthly basis that I believe in
and I’d like to share with you. I don’t have any affiliation with these
companies. I’ve researched them and believe their ingredients are superior to
other brands.
discovered almond milk a few years ago and began a quest for one that only had
almonds. What an eye opener that was! Almost every almond milk on the market today
has added fillers, preservatives and chemicals in them. They are not healthy! I
found two almond milks that are healthy and all real food: Malk and New Barn. I
drink almond milk daily with a teaspoon of organic, pure maple syrup and hemp
protein powder or marine collagen powder. I’ve included the brands I use below.
I love and use
Almond Milk
Barn Almond Milk
Women’s Multi-Vita-Herb
Bone Renewal
Hemp Protein Powder (available on Amazon with Prime for under $12)
Spirulina Powder (horrible taste, I plug my nose and think of chocolate milk or
iced coffee)
Nutri Shop Turmeric Powder
Foods 365 Organic Beans
Organic Beans
Hummus Guy
Marine Collagen (no bovine, porcine or foul collagen, only fish)
Sprouted Grain Muffins (not delicious if you’re accustomed to doughy breads but
I love them when I need a heavier breakfast)
Factory Organic Yellow Corn Tortilla’s (they do have organic guar gum in them
but everything else is just food).
a plant based diet you need to make sure you’re getting enough B12. I eat beans
and rice or wild salmon three times a week. I also take a high quality organic
food based supplement that has the right amount of B12. It’s listed above.
beautifully. Eat beautifully, Shiree

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July 10, 2019

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The Only Eating Plan for Arthritis

The Only Eating Plan for Arthritis

The Only Eating Plan for Arthritis