How to Work with a Professional Organizer: Q and A with Stacy Hamilton!

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I’m betting you love beautiful interiors almost as much as me, and that’s a lot! But as much as I love how a home looks, there is something else equally important that I want to share with you. Today we are going to learn how to work with a professional organizer. Enjoy my Q and A with Stacy Hamilton!

Why Work with a Professional Organizer

In order for your home to help you lead an active and balanced lifestyle it must be so much more than a pretty face. Even if your home is attractive, if it’s dysfunctional, disorganized and ill planned it can have a very real effect on your life. So, before you do any designing or decorating, I’ve joined forces with professional organizer Stacy Hamilton of Sorted by Stacy, Sacramento, California to get some key questions answered for you.

Let’s get started.





Q: Stacy, thank you so much for being a guest on Joy of Nesting today! As a professional organizer, what do you feel is the most important area or room in the home to get organized?

A: The most important area or room to get organized is the one that has the biggest impact on your day-to-day routine. I usually suggest the pantry and the kitchen because you’re going to see and feel an immediate improvement. A simplified kitchen means less time searching for things and more free time in your day. And it’s easier to shop for the week when you can see at a glance what you have and how much you’ll need. It also a great way to introduce my clients to the process of working with a professional organizer. It makes it easier for them when we later make the shift to organizing items with more emotional and sentimental attachment.




Q: Where and how do you start an organizing project with a client? Do you assess their situation? Or just look in cupboards and drawers and plan out from there?

A: Before we begin the process of organizing, I have an initial conversation with them about where they are now – possibly overwhelmed and stressed with no free time. And then find out where they want to be – calm, able to relax, and have more time to spend on what they want to do. After we figure out their priorities, I then create a plan to help them get to their desired outcome.

One of my roles as an organizer is to reconnect people with the things that bring them joy and happiness. For example, you may want more room for crafts, a home gym, or to have more time to spend with your kids or grandkids. We can help bring your vision to life through hands-on organizing sessions, as well as organizational tactics, systems and maintenance tips.




Q: How important is being organized in our homes?

A: We’re all spending more time at home now. It is so important for our mental and physical health to have a functional, beautiful environment that supports our lifestyle. When you have too much visual clutter and stored clutter, it is distracting. It takes us out of the present moment by reminding us of all the things we need to fix, donate, give to someone else or do something with. It also costs us by taking up valuable real estate in our homes and the time and energy to maintain it. By letting go of clutter and creating homes for everything you can have more space, more time, and more peace of mind.


Q: How can you inspire your clients to stay more organized, after you’re gone?

A: Hiring a professional organizer is like having a personal trainer for your home. We get you started, cheer you on and motivate you to keep going! I have found that after my clients have their homes or spaces organized, they feel lighter and free. Knowing what’s on the other side of an organized space motivates them to keep going and to choose ease and joy over “stuff”.


My main tips for upkeep are:


  • Be very intentional about what you buy or bring home. Clutter accumulates if we don’t continually get rid of old things to make room for new things.
  • Schedule regular organizing appointments for yourself and put them in the calendar. Being accountable to yourself and seeing the difference it makes will give you the positive momentum you need to maintain a happier, healthier, more peaceful home.






Q: How often do you have to return to a client’s home and re-organize them?

A: I don’t have to return very often to re-organize spaces. Most of my clients are able to maintain the systems and keep up with the routine maintenance themselves. Others have the ability to do it on their own but prefer not to. They would rather spend their time on something else, so they call me back every six months or so.


Q: How do you charge for your services, by the hour, by the project or by square footage?

A: We charge by the hour only for the time we spend on-site. Complimentary services for packages of 10 or more hours include a custom Pinterest board, product selection, two hours of shopping time for supplies, time spent designing layouts and organizing solutions, arranging appointments with other service providers, and taking one carload of trash or donation items after each session.





Thank you joining me Stacy and thanks for sharing these great insights into hiring an organizing pro!


The Wellness Home


We are spending more time in our homes now. The good news is your home can be a wonderful foundation, inspiring and supporting you in so many ways! When designed right, it provides light, nature and beauty as well as optimizing areas for work, play and self-care.

Get your home the help it needs so it supports and inspires you. Your home has a much bigger effect on your life, health and overall habits than you realize. Here ya’ go! … The Wellness Home, 5 Steps to a Beautiful, Restful Home for Women who Value their Health and Wellness. Get help today!

Bye for now, Shiree

For more on planning your home, check out “The Functional Home: Use All the Rooms and Zones in Your Home“.

Stacy Hamilton, Sorted by Stacy, Sacramento, California 1-916-644-0550


February 22, 2021

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How to Work with a Professional Organizer: Q and A with Stacy Hamilton!

How to Work with a Professional Organizer: Q and A with Stacy Hamilton!

How to Work with a Professional Organizer: Q and A with Stacy Hamilton!