The Fall Home, Beautiful Ways to Freshen Your Look Before Halloween … plus To Do’s for Your Fall 2021 Calendar

joy of nesting

  • Each season has its own energy and fall inspires baking, entertaining and freshening up your nest. To help you make the most of it, I’ve compiled my favorite list fall decorating plugins to freshen the home and elevate your energy. Get some beautiful ways to freshen the look of your home this fall. 






It’s okay to want your home to function, feel and look it’s best. It is after all, a foundational part of living your best life. Keep it clean, organized and beautiful to the senses and it will reward you every day of the year.

Saying goodbye to summer is definitely bittersweet. So, let’s set you up for success now by dialing in some autumn joy around the homestead.  

Fall Wreaths

Make the announcement at your front door that you’re ready for fall. Try fresh wreaths made of olive leaves and branches, or beautiful magnolia leaves.

I like to skip the bows. I like the look of just the greenery but also, so many bows are cheaply manufactured these days.

Lap Blankets in Fall Tones 

Lap blankets are such a cozy touch. I think I have them in every room! They encourage downtime and snuggling and impart feelings of wellness into your home.

What autumn hues can you add to your home that won’t look out of place? Rusty colors like cognac and burnt orange tend to go well with blue or gray themes. Just look at a color wheel and you’ll see they’re opposites on the wheel and quite compatible.







Fall Salt and Pepper Shakers 

This may seem silly at first, but shakers are a mainstay for holiday entertaining. Using them as seasonal decor is only natural. I have shakers for every season. My cherished shakers for fall are a pair of classic ceramic pumpkins my sister-in-law Ann gave me. It’s a joy to bring them out every year. 

Fall Candles

There are so many great fall candles to choose from. I especially love Votivo Tuscan Olive and Black Ginger; and Archipelago Pumpkin Macchiato. I also love little pumpkin shaped candles. They look so sweet scattered on tables and kitchen counters. 

Fresh Foliage to Freshen the Look of Your Home for Fall

Any fall foliage is beautiful indoors. If you’re lucky enough to have them in your garden and know how to work with difficult materials, branches of maple, fig, pomegranate, and pear make spectacular entrance arrangements. Remember to pulverize a few inches of the ends of the branches so they can absorb water. Use a tall, narrow, heavy vase for such arrangements and a sturdy, heavy “frog”. ‘




Some Fall Foliage Suggestions

Nandina/Heavenly Bamboo is an absolute beauty in the fall. No water needed.

Liquid Amber is lovely too. Pulverize the ends of the branches so the water can get in. 

Pyracantha berries are toxic but if kids and pets aren’t regulars in your home, they’re beautiful in tall vases. Again, pulverize the ends.

I love fresh persimmons in my entry; as a dining room center piece; and on my kitchen counter. When they’ve ripened, I make Sharon Shore’s soft and tender persimmon cookie recipe. 

Pomegranates look great on your table tops, last for weeks and are quintessential fall fruit. Red pears too.

Myrtle, besides smelling great is beautiful in cut arrangements alone or as a filler. They require no water, and look good for months.



Fall Home Items for Festive Occasions

Tablecloths in tones of burnt red, chestnut or deep olive green.

Napkins, fall themed paper and fabric.

Serving platters, rustic or refined.

Special vases (as opposed to plain, clear glass)

Fine china, crystal and silver.

Handmade ceramic dinnerware and serving pieces.

Rustic wooden salad bowls.




To Do’s For your 2021 Fall Home Calendar

Fall is a transitional time and in Martha Stewart’s newest book “Organizing: the Manual for Bringing Order to your Life, Home and Routines” she states going from summer to fall means getting back to basics like freezing big-batch soups; preparing the garden for next year’s blooms; and reorganizing your pantry and closets.


  • September 25th: plan a weekly fall soup menu through November. I love vegan soups and do red bell pepper soup; tortilla soup; and minestrone among many others in vegan form.


  • September 30th: plan a monthly baking menu through November. I do homemade apple pie, pumpkin pie, white bread, focaccia and cornbread.


  • October 1st: bake apple pie.


  • October 15th: plant spring annuals and bulbs in pots. I like snapdragons, pansies, stock, tulips and daffodils. Plant before the ground turns cold and you’ll be rewarded with a health spring bloom.


  • November 1st: bring sensitive plants and topiary indoors for winter.


  • November 5th: hire help to do a deep cleaning around the home and garage.




  • November 15th: hire an organizer to work on the kitchen and pantry.


Baking and Cooking Product Rave 

My good friend and scripture expert Darlene recommended Miyoko’s Vegan Butter to me several months ago and it literally changed my life. I use it in all my soup’s, in baking, cooking fish and roasting veggies. It’s delicious! Thanks Dar. 




That’s it for today … and if you’d like to dig deeper into creating a home that elevates your mood and supports and inspires you to live a healthier, happier, more balanced lifestyle then check out my premier download “The Wellness Home”!

Bye for now! 



Get more tips for fall with my “Making Healthy Vegan and Vegetarian Soups that are Satisfying and Delicious“! You don’t want to miss these flavor combos!

September 23, 2021

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The Fall Home, Beautiful Ways to Freshen Your Look Before Halloween … plus To Do’s for Your Fall 2021 Calendar

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The Fall Home, Beautiful Ways to Freshen Your Look Before Halloween … plus To Do’s for Your Fall 2021 Calendar

Leaf shaped cookies for Thanksgiving

The Fall Home, Beautiful Ways to Freshen Your Look Before Halloween … plus To Do’s for Your Fall 2021 Calendar

Leaf shaped cookies for Thanksgiving