“Your Exercise Sweet Spot: how to create time and space for yoga, workouts and meditation”

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You’ve been procrastinating on your workouts. You know you need to exercise but you don’t want to go to the gym. It’s time to create time and space for yoga and workouts; it’s time to identify ‘your exercise sweet spot’. 




Finding the Time and Space for Yoga and other Workouts

Whether it’s a proper in-home workout room, a guest room, or an unused corner of your formal living room, decide on the best option and start optimizing it! Your health is priority number one.

Items to Have on Hand

Have any items you will need stored nearby such as hand weights, a rebounder, a Yoga mat, stationary bike, etc. Earmark a nearby closet or purchase attractive, lidded baskets for storage. If everything is close by and in attractive containers (that maybe even coordinate with your design scheme!) you’ll be more likely to use them. You are setting yourself up for success early on! 




I also like to have a few new gadgets to inspire me like an attractive mat, great fitting workout clothes, 5 and 10 lb. hand weights, a stability ball, foam roller and kettle ball. Having these little purchases handy signal to your brain that it’s time to work out and that you’re important enough to invest in. And hey, turn on some fantastic music and light a soy scented candle while you’re at it!

There is usually at least one untapped spot in your home to claim as your workout space. Choose a space with plenty of natural light and if possible, one with a view. Don’t feel you have to have only one space for working out though. Having two or three spaces is ideal. Where you use your stay bike can be completely different from where you do your yoga or use your rebounder.



Alternate Yoga Spots

When the weather is good my favorite yoga spot is on my beautiful, protected patio surrounded by potted boxwood and ferns. In bad weather it’s at the end of my large formal living room with big picture windows overlooking a beautiful garden path and fountain. Once you’ve experienced the ease of working out at home, you’ll wonder why you never bothered to do it before.

In order to be effective, in order to actually move that stubborn needle on your fitness-o-meter you will want to be able to rely on your home as a default place for exercise. I’m not suggesting you give up your fitness center or yoga studio, keep them by all means. But home is where you will be your most consistent. Let’s dive into why. 



MIndset Tools for Following Through with Yoga and Workouts

“Motivation is overrated. Environment often matters more” says James Clear in his book “Atomic Habits”. The majority of my workouts happen in my own environment: at home in our den and out in nature around the neighborhood. In the den, I have a stationary bike; a rebounder that I love to dance-bounce on; a yoga mat; stability ball; ankle and wrist weights and hand weights. These didn’t cost a fortune and they don’t take up a huge amount of space and that’s why the den is so perfect for them. The den is also where the big flat screen is. When I work out, I allow myself to watch Netflix, Peacock and Amazon Prime movies. 

My days are so tightly scheduled that there really isn’t much time for television. Having a movie or favorite series on in the background is great impetus to get my afternoon workouts done. This works beautifully for me, and I’ve been consistent with my exercise programs my whole life, so I know this will work for you too.




A designated, in-home space for exercise helps you be more consistent on a daily basis, with or without a gym, social distancing or not. Going to the gym for some of us is not an option. But there’s more. Relying solely on a gym allows too much room for excuses. “I’d have to do my hair or drive somewhere to workout” or “I don’t feel like going anywhere in the rain” or “by the time I drive, park and walk to the gym i won’t have enough time left to workout”. 

Sometimes even a short ten-minute drive to your club and finding a parking spot and walking across the parking lot can be too much when compared to the thirty second walk to a den or workout room in your home. 


Creating Time for Yoga and Workouts

Equally important to where you work out, is the mindset shift of the actual ‘scheduling’ your exercises. The actual scheduling it in your daily calendar is a huge shift from just hoping you’ll get your workout done before dinner. The three most powerful ways to do this are 1) set a certain time of day, every day to exercise. 2) split your workout into two shifts, one in the morning before work, say a 20-minute session on your stay bike or 15 minutes on the rebounder and one in the afternoon, such yoga and abs. 3) put it in your digital calendar.  

For me, a 7:30 a.m. stationary bike session and a 4:30 Yoga session work extremely well. And lastly, make it non-negotiable. When you think about it, nothing is as important as your wellbeing. Being physically and emotionally healthy is the foundation for everything you do from feeling and looking great to how you show up for yourself or as a partner or parent, to how you perform at work, to how deeply you enjoy your down time. 

Get out your digital calendar. If you don’t have one, get one on your phone today. Digital calendars allow you to type in an activity and repeat it on a daily basis without the need to retype it over and over again. Starting next Monday, schedule your morning exercise at 7:00 am. Choose from walking, treadmill, stationary biking or rebounding. 

Next, schedule your afternoon workout at 5:30 or whatever time you know without a doubt you’ll follow through. If you wait too late in the day it won’t get done! The afternoon workout should be devoted to weights or yoga.  Having set routines will keep you successful. And if you fall off your routines, do not, I repeat, do not beat yourself. You’re going to slack off. This is a fact. Just accept it as part of life and forge ahead. Come Monday, get right back on that pony. No excuses! Monday is a non-negotiable day and sets you up for success the rest of the week. 

Lastly, save Sunday for an enjoyable walk with the dog, or take Sunday off completely. Down time is important enough to schedule too!



That’s it for today. Thank you for tuning into Joy of Nesting! If you don’t already follow me, I’m on Instagram at @ssegerstrom where I post all things design and wellness. And if you’d like to delve deeper into my health and wellness plans, take my free ecourse, the  7 Week Wellness Challenge for Women! When you’re healthy, in shape and feeling attractive, taking care of yourself is an incredible joy! You can read each module in under fifteen minutes, just once a week.

Bye for now!


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October 6, 2021

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“Your Exercise Sweet Spot: how to create time and space for yoga, workouts and meditation”

“Your Exercise Sweet Spot: how to create time and space for yoga, workouts and meditation”

“Your Exercise Sweet Spot: how to create time and space for yoga, workouts and meditation”