Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

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Bioidentical Hormone Therapy is a holistic menopause approach that uses hormones identical to those produced by the human body. 

Bioidentical hormones have been used safely for menopausal treatment in Europe for over 50 years, as opposed to conventional treatments such as Premarin which is a synthetic treatment, and has been linked to certain cancers, stroke, blood clots, cardiovascular disease, liver tumors, osteoporosis and more. 


Holistic doctors are important to a successful menopausal transition and are often the only ones who prescribe Bioidentical Hormone Therapy.


What is Bioidentical Hormone Therapy?

BHRT uses hormones derived from natural plant-based ingredients such as yams and soy. They are processed in a lab to be structurally identical to the hormones produced in the human body, thus the name ‘bioidentical’.

The treatment predominantly focuses on primary hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, thyroid, adrenal, melatonin and DHEA.

Bioidenticals come in a variety of forms from oral to topical. I have always used topical cream because my research states that hormones are better because you get better absorption through the skin and the cream can be customized via a compounding pharmacy.

The Benefits of Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

BHRT can offer astounding benefits for both men and women. It can help restore hormonal balance, leading to improved moods, energy, stamina, mental focus and clarity. 

It has anti-aging properties and can also provide effective relief from menopause, andropause, PMS symptoms and offer protection against heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis and senility.

The Role of Bioidentical Hormone Therapy in Healthy Aging

Dr. Uzzi Reiss, a board-certified gynecologist for over 20 years who specializes in anti-aging medicine has written extensively about the benefits of natural hormones. 

He believes that BHRT can resolve hormonal chaos, restore balance and achieve the highest possible level of health. Other experts who are vocal proponents of BHRT are Dr. Robert Green, Dr. Suzanne Schwarzbein and Dr. Bill Falloon. They’re opinions on dosage do differ. 

All have written several books on the topic. 

The Controversy Surrounding Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Despite its benefits, BHRT has been a subject of controversy. The FDA has stated that bioidentical hormones aren’t necessarily safer than synthetics. However, it has to be said that bioidenticals have been used safely in Europe for over 50 years whereas synthetic hormones such as Premarin have been linked to cancer among other things.

And further, it should be said that the FDA has a dubious reputation that is often questioned by many if not all holistic health and wellness experts.

How to Use Bioidentical Hormones

Bioidentical hormones are administered in several ways. Generally, women are prescribed dosage to mimic their own menstrual cycles. I use my estrogen cream (a trio of estrogens) every day of the month while cycling my progesterone about two weeks of the month.

This creates for me a period, and this is where holistic doctors disagree. Some say yes to this type of dosing, and some say no. You’ll need to research it first and then discuss it with your own holistic healthcare provider. 

  • Capsules
  • Creams
  • Vaginal suppositories or capsules
  • Sublingual Troche, and more.

What is the Difference Between Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy and Synthetic Hormone Replacement Therapy

The distinction between bioidentical hormones and synthetic hormone-like drugs is very important. 

Synthetic or non-bioidentical hormones are found in many standard hormone replacement therapy products, and they are not identical to those found in the body.

Bioidentical hormones on the other hand, are.

And here’s the thing. Online information regarding both bioidenticals and synthetics has been very muddied over the years.

That’s why it’s crucial to read books, not online articles: books by holistic doctors on the topic. Not conventional, Western trained docs who are mostly woefully out of date on these topics.

I know, I’m an online article and you don’t want to take my word for it either. Again. Research books. Not online articles.

How to Obtain Bioidentical Hormones

The first step is to consult a holistic healthcare provider who is knowledgeable about bioidenticals. You might get lucky and find a mainstream doc who will prescribe them, but it’s highly unlikely.

You get evaluated. You’ll need blood tests to check your current levels. It gets a little tricky here because doctors use different measuring sticks to decide if you need them or not. 

So, you have to get tricky back and say, I don’t want my hormones to be normal aka old. I want them to be optimal. And here is where you need to be your own advocate. It’s not easy at first. But you have to start somewhere. So, start here. I don’t want to get too heavy handed here in this article but if you reach out to me personally, I’ll give you more specifics. 

Then your holistic healthcare provider will give you a prescription. You need a compounding pharmacy. You likely won’t have one around the corner from your home, so you’ll likely call that prescription into a compounding pharmacy in California or Arizona.

I have been using Women’s International Pharmacy in Arizona for 20 years or so and they take good care of me. Their number is 800-279-5708.

Order at least 10 days before you run out of your prescriptions. They are slow. 

You’ll need to see your doctor more than once for BHRT. It requires some monitoring, especially at first. Then when you’re settled in, it’s less often. I think once a year, or every other year.

Costs of Bioidentical Hormone Replacements

The prescriptions themselves are about $80 each a month, plus shipping. Plus, the cost of the doctor who prescribes them and the bloodwork generally starting around $300-400. So that’s about $500 total to get started.

Taking excellent care of yourself means knowing what your body and emotions need and then providing them consistently throughout the year. With 2024 here, get your health and wellness program back in place!


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January 8, 2024

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Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Holistic doctors are the key to a successful menopausal transition.

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Holistic doctors are the key to a successful menopausal transition.

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Holistic doctors are the key to a successful menopausal transition.